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Salvador Insignares O.
Salvador Insignares O.

High Technology



Sirona Cerec Premium System

  • The most widely used CAD / CAM system in the world
  • Restorations made to last decades in your mouth

Beautiful teeth with CEREC

  • In a single visit
  • Without metal
  • No impressions
  • Highly aesthetic
  • Without provisional
  • Long-lasting
  • With modern CAD / CAM technology, it is possible to
  • Any doubts about CEREC? "We are pleased to assist you"
  • No prosthetic work is manufactured outside our facilities. .
Salvador Insignares O. - Molar Digital
  • We have control of all processes.
Salvador Insignares O. - Cámaras y Scanner Digital

Natural Dental Lab - With the power of "German" technology By Sirona

Omnicam Sirona Scanner
For optical impressions of maximum precision, without the uncomfortable impression of silicone and the plaster model; Allows you to copy the dental arches intraorally in less than a minute.
After obtaining 3D virtual models, we use CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software that allows us to obtain microscopically sealed restorations, free of bacteria and with a spectacular anatomy.

Milling machine CEREC MC XL PREMIUM Sirona
The CAM (Computer Aided Machining) system will manufacture your porcelain or Zirconium restorations with an accuracy of 10 to 25 microns in just 8 minutes, allowing you to test the restorations in the mouth on the same day of printing.

Dental Microscope

Working in the mouth has a number of difficulties for the dentist, there is little light, the teeth are small and many of their lesions are even smaller than these, which is why magnification, the use of magnifying glasses with 2.5X and With additional light source, helps, but never reaches everything we can see when using a dental microscope.

In our clinic we have a dental microscope of advanced technology, magnifications of 2.5X until going progressively to 30X. This allows us to make the diagnosis of the most incipient carious lesions, coronal or root fracture lines, to have a strict control of the evolution or progression of a carious lesion since we can make photographs and videos of very high resolution and in the course of time 3 Months, 6 months or following years, check their detention or continuity, that way we can benefit our patients.

Salvador Insignares O. - Microscopio Dental

Surgical Laser - EZLaser - Biolase

Effective reduction of germs, minimally invasive surgery, treatment of injuries caused by herpes and all without the slightest sign of stress, since many of the surgical procedures are performed with superficial anesthesia, in cream.

Intraoral Camera FULL - HD

You will be able to visualize all the details and affections of your teeth without need of mirrors, our equipment counts on the intraoral camera of greater resolution and sharpness for better diagnoses and verification of results.

Digital Radiology - Radiovisiógrafo

With the help of digital radiology, the radiation dose has been reduced to the point that a conventional or analogue Rx equals 30 Rx of the digital system or radiovisiography; Therefore, the digital technology we use is the least harmful for our patients.

  • Maximum sharpness is obtained
  • Best diagnosis, measurement in mm
  • Speed of results, seconds
  • 3D Images
  • Digital archive is shared with others
  • Specialists without them making new Rx
  • Better tolerated intraorally
  • It does not get damaged over time
  • Less radiation dose 4% of the analog or conventional system
It is your health that is at stake
Salvador Insignares O. - Radiología Digital
Salvador Insignares O. - Centro de

Computer Diagnostics Center - Digitac3D

Conscious sedation with Nitrous Oxide + Oxygen is the world's leading anxiolytic and analgesic technique, chosen by more than 50% of dentists in the United States.

It is not general anesthesia, it is anxiolysis and analgesia, you will not lose consciousness during the procedure.



sedación consciente
Our anesthesiologists: Dr. Ruben Carrasquilla and Dr. Antonio Marzan E.

Nitrous Oxide + Oxygen

La sedación consciente con Óxido Nitroso + Oxígeno, es la técnica ansiolítica y analgésica de elección a nivel mundial, escogida por más del 50% de los odontólogos en Estados Unidos.
No es anestesia general, es ansiolisis y analgésia, no perderá el conocimiento durante el procedimiento.


Computerized Anesthesia - Comfort Control Syringe

Microprocessor controlled system for the administration of anesthesia in a slower, more controlled and consistent way than the traditional manual application. The Comfort Control ™ Syringe has two stages of anesthesia delivery. Initial administration is too slow to minimize the trauma associated with rapid anesthesia, after 10 seconds the CCS ™ automatically increases the rate of delivery at a tolerated rate even by children.
Salvador Insignares O. - Anestesia Computarizada

Vital sign monitor

Their safety is very important for us. Therefore, all hypertensive patients with a history of family, smoking, diabetic and even apparently healthy hypertension will be monitored during dental procedures that require anesthesia or generate tension and anxiety in them.

We do not leave the side effects to chance, if we control them we give you Vital security.
Salvador Insignares O. - Radiología Digital