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Alineadores Invisibles- Dental Aligners


What is an invisible aligner?

It is a thin sheet of translucent, semi-rigid polymer that has been fabricated on a 3D digital model, in which small computer positional changes of dental position were printed, so that by step or step by step your teeth take a new corrected position Controlled, similar to other orthodontic treatments.

The invisible aligners work by applying gentle forces to the teeth to move them to the desired position.Simply use a series of custom and digitally planned aligners for 22 hours a day, change them every 2 weeks and gradually align your teeth and smile.

Who can use them?

The use of aligners is ideal for adults 18 years of age or older with slightly or moderately inclined or rotated teeth that can be properly straightened or aligned confidentially, comfortably, without the drawbacks of braces such as cuts and lip injuries And mucosa in general, high retention of bacterial plaque generating bad breath and poor aesthetics.
With brackets the practice of certain sports becomes dangerous since the minimum shock on the lips generates cuts and injuries very uncomfortable and painful.
However at any age if the patient presents alterations of dental position, our orthodontists will make their diagnosis and treatment plan.
In very complex cases, with extreme bad tooth positions, it would be mandatory to place brackets or other fixed, non-removable device.

Do you hide your smile?

Your social life is affected because your smile prevents you from being expressive, cheerful, or perform a job that requires good presentation?

You look like a very serious person, poor when treating other people, possibly bad dental positions lower your confidence and self-esteem?

You know that your problem can be solved with orthodontics, but you DO NOT WANT TO HAVE BRACKETS at your age?

Do you consider that braces are for children, adolescents and you resign yourself to living with unsightly teeth and in bad function?

Having your teeth in a bad position not only affects the aesthetic, but also affects the masticatory function and you are more prone to diseases of the gums and cavities.

With a beautiful smile everyone will admire you

Invisible aligners are removable, you can remove them from your mouth when eating food, going to parties, birthdays, marriages or another special event where the brackets would look horrible.

Most treatments with aligners for minor or moderate movements in your teeth take between 16 and 48 weeks or a little more depending on the complexity of the case, in the end, small imperfections of color, size or shape in your teeth we correct them with Resin or porcelain reaching a beautiful smile, fresh breath, good hygiene and above all a good dental occlusion or bite that harmonizes the masticatory, muscular and temporomandibular joints.

Case 1 onset

During the diagnostic phase, clinical history, clinical photographs, digital panoramic radiography, evaluation of the gums and presence of caries, then the 3D digital optical impression is performed, with the Sirona Omnicam camera, the information is processed using software Of orthodontics and the treatment plan is generated, indicating how many stages of aligners are required, a 3D simulation is performed and you will be able to see each step in a controlled way step by step.

Case 1 final

Your occlusion or bite will be controlled by a specialist in the area of dentistry known as OCLUSION, this ensures that your muscles and joints of the mandible or temporomandibular joints will not suffer the side effects of orthodontic movements with brackets.

Case 2 onset

Remember that the aligners offer many benefits, but your discipline of use 22 hours a day is essential to notice the results in a few weeks, you can maintain good hygiene and good breath.

Case 2 final

The digital world facilitates the whole treatment plan, which allows us to reduce costs that you will benefit from at affordable prices.
Our clinic maintains high quality standards in hygiene, care and specialized services.
We are world leaders in digital technology in dentistry.
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