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Salvador Insignares O.
Salvador Insignares O.

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Resin Restorations
Salvador Insignares O. - Relleno con resina
Salvador Insignares O. - Amalgama
When caries is removed from a tooth, there remains a cavity that must be filled or restored with resin or composite. The same happens when an amalgam is removed, in a single appointment it is sealed or filled with resin, obtaining an excellent aesthetic and functional result.

We do not put dental amalgam, we do not use mercury. In this way we keep the dental structure to the maximum thanks to the adhesive dentistry, to obtain lasting restorations, aesthetic and without leaks. Amalgam is an excellent material for its hardness and longevity, but its corrosion over the years leads to dental fractures and irreversible pigmentation of the crown of the tooth, is unsightly.

It should be noted that resin restorations are cheaper than porcelain restorations and also have the advantage of being made in a single appointment.

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